Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are a bunch of techno geeks who don't work hard. We believe in working smart. Our small and nimble team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in web, security, mobile and network technologies spanning all the OSI layers. We aim to be a fun bunch to work with, making technology work for our own selves and our business partners.


ZMGate is our SMS gateway that connects to the Malaysian GSM carriers. ZMReach is our home developed web framework to create Web portals with both standard and customised modules. In addition, we also make use of our own technologies to deploy our own portals combining both Web and mobile elements in an attempt to maximise all available channels to satisfy our customers.

Business Partners

As a technology enabler, we seek out active symbiotic relationships with business partners who are willing to outsource their technology requirements to us. We can work as a contracted partner, on a deployed technology license basis, and can also work on SAAS / ASP models. If you believe we cant work it out together, do give us a holler...

ZayMobile Technology 37973. Our own Erlang-based SMS gateway connected to Malaysian GSM carriers. As and when the opputunity arises, we plan to connect to other countries as well. This same gateway is also powering Chuntake Technology 37873, Pandone Technology, and also Asia One Mobile.

This Erlang based Web development framework consists of standard modules such as (but not limited to) Membership / Registration, Blogs, Forums, Shopping Carts, Media Library, and so on. They can either be deployed 'as is' for faster deployments, or further customised to suit our partner's requirements.

Our Own Portals

Have a look at our own developments, powered by the ZMReach framework:,,,, and more coming soon...

Partner Deployments

In the role of a technology enabler, we have developed,, and Most of these are using the ZMReach framework. Others are white-labels of ZMGate. Many soon to follow...